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Game Setup

Set up

CityScrabble can be played anywhere. It is ready to be used with minimal adjustments. There are however two preconditions.

Currently there exists material for the space of the old Athens gasworks. We intent to publish a Google Hangouts application, where content creators can collaborate and create new game sessions over a map. This work is currently in progress and should be available by the end of the year.

If you are interested we can provide the XML file structure necessary for defining new game content manually.


The game can be played using Android 2.2 and up. It is designed for devices with medium resolution and up. It could be played with lower resolution devices (as it did during the Athens Plaython). This should require some optimizations of the interface first.


An Internet connection is necessary. The game requires almost realtime updates on the competitors actions. For larger areas, where WiFi coverage might be patchy it is preferable to have 3G connectivity. The amount of data that needs to be transfered is quite modest. 


The game requires a central server to coordinate between the devices. The server logic is quite simplistic and is implemented over the XMPP chat protocol. We host a prosody based xmpp server for the game.


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