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How to play

1. Starting the game

In CityScrabble the registration process is simple: If the username does not exist, a new account will be created automatically.

The game is played in sessions. One can join an ongoing session or create a new one. A lot of players can compete at the same session. It is possible to have multiple sessions running concurrently at the same space.



2. Selecting a topic

The game is played in two screens. The first one is the topic selection screen. There are 9 topics and each contains 4 keys

The keys take the color of the team which has used them in a connection. At the instance below, Mae's color is  purple and the player with the red color has already connected a key.



3. Connecting objects to keys

By choosing a topic, the next screen appears. There is a short description of the topic at the top of the screen. Below are the 4 keys. Initially the are not connected and trasparent. During the game they take the color of the player who used them in a combination.

At the bottom of the screen are the objects that have been found or the empty sockets for the objects that are still to be found.

By pressing the lock at the middle, an object is connected or unconnected to a key.



4. Map

A map assists the players by showing the position of the objects on the field. The not yet found objects are marked with a questionmark.